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Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s been almost 12 years since we moved from Toronto to the Italian Riviera. Santa Margherita has become my new home. I’ve lived here almost as long as I did in Florence, and longer than I ever did as an adult in my hometown of Toronto. So, the question I get asked most by travelers staying in one of our properties is: “What’s it really like living in Italy?” They always end up saying, “you’re so lucky!”

While I agree that I’m fortunate, every choice comes with its pros and cons. Hard to think of a con… really hard. But honestly, there are a few, believe it or not. You won’t catch me saying the food isn’t fantastic, the climate isn’t ideal, or the people aren’t wonderful. But one challenge I sometimes face, which I’ve playfully dubbed the “bureaucrazy,” can be daunting. For a Canadian accustomed to following rules, it might drive you a bit crazy at times. Yet, with patience and flexibility, you adapt. Running a business as a “foreigner” is not for the faint-hearted. I even became an Italian citizen through the process. I own my company here, working in Tourism on the magnificent Italian Riviera for 8 years now.

This all unfolded quite naturally. In our first year, so many family members and friends wanted to visit and see our new life. My husband, our two kids, and I were living and working in a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment with an amazing view of the Sea and the town of Santa Margherita. We didn’t have space to host anyone, so I began asking around if anyone knew of a little apartment we could rent for friends and family visiting, allowing them to experience living in Italy rather than staying in a hotel. That’s how it all started. Since then, I’ve been managing vacation properties on the Riviera. I’m a licensed Realtor in Italy, and I absolutely love my work. I’ve spent countless hours marveling at the magnificent sea, hiking in the Portofino park, savoring scampi, sipping prosecco, and breathing in the air that fills my heart with joy.

I’m At Home here. That’s what I ended up naming my company. What we do is help property owners of magnificent villas manage their estates, welcoming guests from around the world.

At Home selects the finest gems of vacation rentals on the Italian Riviera for you to feel home away from home in the luxury settings of extraordinary beauty.

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